Who we are

WWT protects wetlands and wildlife. We believe all you need to start making the world a better place is imagination, passion and a trusty pair of boots.

We are the UK’s leading wetland conservation charity

Almost all life depends on wetlands for water, food, or habitat. Yet a third of all wetlands have been destroyed.

We are pioneers in saving threatened wetland wildlife, a centre for excellence in conservation science and experts in wetland management and creation.

Our vision

A world where healthy wetland nature thrives and enriches lives.

Our mission

We conserve, restore and create wetlands, save wetland wildlife, and inspire everyone to value the amazing things healthy wetlands achieve for people and nature.

Our principles

We believe wetlands are key in helping us meet our most pressing environmental challenges. Managed sustainably, they support livelihoods, local economies and our health and wellbeing.

We also welcome one million visitors every year to our unique wetland reserves as we believe that showing people first-hand how amazing wetlands are is the best way to ignite a passion to conserve them.

We draw on over seven decades of experience in wetland conservation to ensure wetlands are put centre stage.

Our four big ambitions

  • The UK has a bigger, better and more connected network of wetlands, with over 100,000 ha of new and restored wetland habitats and the health of our existing wetlands is improving.
  • The majority of the public in the UK value and are significantly more connected to wetlands, with at least a million people directly taking action for wetlands where they live and work.
  • In the countries where we work around the world, where wetlands, wetland nature and peoples’ livelihoods are threatened, we will deliver community-led and sustainable solutions, and ensure wetlands are more effectively valued and considered in local, regional and national decision making.
  • Key international decision makers value wetlands and we will build a global community of highly skilled individuals creating and managing wetlands and mobilising wetland support.

Wetlands for nature and people

Read more about why we’ve chosen these four ambitions and how we’re planning to achieve them.